Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Run Captain Needed!

Hope For The Warriors® is seeking a Run Captain for the Big Apple Run For The Warriors® on June 8, 2014 in New York City.  This is a great way to get involved with Hope For The Warriors and help us with an important program.  The race is in New York City at the start of Army Week!

More details:

The Run Captain will work with the Run For The Warriors® Coordinator on all event activities, public relations, and legal matters. It is often difficult for one person to handle all of the required duties, so it is important to have a strong committee. The Run Captain must have contacts in the corporate or local business community. He or she must also have time to serve, be passionate about the event and the cause, and be organized and willing to take on the responsibility of working proactively.

The Run Captain will –

·         Identify and recruit a leadership Run Committee consisting of individuals with specific skills to match the tasks required to get the job done
·         Recruit Sponsorship, Logistics, Publicity, and Recruitment Committee Chairs
·         Organize and preside over monthly local committee meetings
·         Follow up regularly with Committee Chairs and assist where needed
·         Organize a team of Runners and fundraise by collecting personal donations
·         Recruit multiple sponsors for the Run site
·         Communicate regularly with the Run For The Warriors® Coordinator participate in Race Day activities and be accessible to Run For The Warriors® staff during the Run
·         Organize and complete post-event tasks (e.g., thanking sponsors) in tandem with other Committee Chairs
·         Most importantly, HAVE FUN with committee members, volunteers, and Runners

Please know that there is a significant time commitment to cultivating a successful Run. Run For The Warriors® will provide you with the necessary support and resources, as needed.

And for the complete information:

Complete Job Description

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