Monday, November 11, 2013

A Message to all Veterans

Written by Rob Cork,Operations Director, Hope For The Warriors®
As we approach Veterans Day I thought of my favorite moment in uniform. It was the day that I arrived home after I completed my service in the United States Army and was greeted by my Dad at the airport.
It’s a different Army today than it was in 1988 when I finished my three years of peace-time duty, and I am proud to be a veteran working with the military families served by Hope For The Warriors® and our incredible staff and volunteers. And as my Dad’s memories fade, mine are sharp and my uniform is still hanging proudly in my closet.

Happy Veterans Day to all of my fellow veterans, including my Dad. Thank you for your service.
Hope For The Warriors® is proud to both serve and employ Veterans and military families.  More than 70% of our staff has served the military--as a veteran or as the child or spouse of a service member.

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