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Team Hope For The Warriors Newsletter: May

Team Hope For The Warriors® Members,

Inspire one of your training runs and boost your spring training with the Virtual Run For The Warriors®! In honor of Memorial Day, for the entire month of May, Hope For The Warriors® will be conducting a Virtual Run For The Warriors® to honor and remember our service members. The Virtual Run For The Warriors® raises both funds and awareness for Hope For The Warriors® and the needs of our military families. It can be completed at any location, pace, distance, with a group or as an individual.

Register at You can create your own team or participate as an individual. Once you register you will receive a race packet with a Run For The Warriors® T-shirt, dog tag, and a customizable bib to show people who you are running to honor.

The captain of the team that raises the most funds by May 31, with a minimum of $500 raised, will win his or her choice of 2015 Marine Corps Marathon bib, 2015 Marine Corps Marathon 10K bib, or 2015 Army Ten-Miler bib.

2015 Team Races:

Team Hope For The Warriors® registration is rolling for many popular fall events! Our bibs for the Marine Corps Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon 10K, Army Ten-Miler, and TCS NYC Marathon are going fast. If you, or anyone you know is interested in competing in these events on Team Hope For The Warriors® register quickly as we have limited bibs for each race.

Below are the confirmed dates and races for 2015

October 11, 2015 – Army Ten Miler*

October 25, 2015 – Marine Corps Marathon 10K

October 25, 2015 – Marine Corps Marathon*

November 1, 2015 – TCS NYC Marathon

*Handcycle friendly race

Fundraising Tip: Sending personalized emails

Through your event registration page you can send personalized emails to potential supporters. Follow the steps below:
  1. Log into your account on the specific Team Hope For The Warriors® event website in which you are registered
  2. Click on “Enter my HQ”
  3. Click the “Email” tab
  4. Select the template you would like to use
  5. Personalize your email to connect with your donors and tell them your story
  6. Enter personalized greeting and email addresses

Remember if you plan on fundraising for future events cultivating your donor base will be important, and outlining your personal connection to the cause and Hope For The Warriors® will help your efforts.

Training Tip:

As the weather continues to get warmer, hydration will become an important part of your training and overall health. There are many different formulas and recommendations used to estimate how much water someone needs to drink daily. Below is a simple formula for someone who is moderately active: 

Male Daily Water Consumption, in fluid ounces: 
Body Weight x .35
Female Daily Water Consumption, in fluid ounces: 
Body Weight x .31

The amount of water you need to consume depends on many factors. For example, if you go on a long run or have a tough workout, you will have to drink more than the recommended amount to replenish your fluids. Always listen to your body and drink when you are thirsty, not waiting until you are dehydrated. Carrying around a water bottle and knowing how many times you need to refill or how much you need to drink to stay hydrated helps you stay ready for your next workout or race. 

Team Member Corner: Molly Pannell

Molly Pannell is a D.C native, marketing enthusiast, and lover of all things travel. She works for Monumental Sports & Entertainment, and is an avid supporter our military. In 2010, she briefly reconnected with childhood friend, Lance Corporal Eric Ward. He put a face to what she had previously only seen on the news. Unfortunately, Eric was killed in action on February 21, 2010 in Afghanistan. Since then, Molly has met many of his Marine brothers, including Michael Martinez, who lost both of his legs in March that same year. Eric’s passing and Michael’s friendship has given her a lifelong passion for supporting our veterans, and they are the reason she runs.

“I support Hope for the Warriors® because they are a sustaining resource beside our service members and their families,” said Molly. “This is my small way of saying thank you!”

Molly’s first connection to Hope For The Warriors® was through Travis Hanson, Hope For The Warriors® Sports and Recreation Senior Director. She interviewed him while doing research for her master’s degree and was inspired by his work at Hope For The Warriors®. This year Molly will be running in her second Marine Corps Marathon but first as part of Team Hope For The Warriors®.

Program Information:

Team Gear:
There are new items coming soon to the online store, including a sleeveless Team jersey! As a member of our Team, you can save 10% on all online store items. As you train, be sure to proudly wear the Hope For The Warriors® logo so that people know the reason for your hard work. Visit and use the discount code TEAMH4W.

Charity Navigator:
For the fourth year in a row, Hope For The Warriors® has received a four-star rating on Charity Navigator. This exceptional rating, achieved by only 8% of the nonprofits they evaluate, highlights Hope For The Warriors® financial responsibility to the service members, military families, and families of the fallen we support. Team members can continue to ask people to donate towards fundraising goals with confidence! We invite you to view their latest evaluation of our efforts on the Charity Navigator website.

A Warrior’s Wish®:
This year, Hope For The Warriors® will grant 11 wishes to support service members, veterans, and military families. The nature of these Wishes will vary in scope from business, fitness, financial, and outdoor-related. The enrichment process will continue long after the Wish is granted to promote stability within the lives of these heroes and their families. As the Wishes are granted we will share the stories in the upcoming newsletters. Learn more about A Warriors Wish®

For more information please contact Steve Barto at

National Running Day Event:
On June 3, 2015, Team Hope For The Warriors®, in conjunction with Athleta’s Upper West Side store, 216 Columbus Dr., will be having a Team Hope For The Warriors® fundraiser and group run, in Central Park. Tentatively the event will be held from 5-8 PM, the group run will start at 7 PM and end around 8 PM. 8% of all the sales during that period go back to Team Hope For The Warriors. All are welcome to attend.

Educated Running:
Educated Running, which is a group of seasoned running coaches, will be hosting “Form 101” clinics by Coach Munro and Coach Hammond. They will cover a number of easy ways to improve running form through body posture, cadence, foot-strike, and more.

Location for clinics:
JackRabbit - Union Square, 42 W 14th St. New York, NY (map)
JackRabbit – Upper West Side, 140 W 72nd St New York, NY 

Dates & Times:
Union Square - Thursday 5/21, 4PM - 5PM, RSVP here
Union Square - Sunday 5/31, 11:30AM - 12:30PM, RSVP here

Rock ‘n’ Roll Series:
The Rock ‘n’ Roll race series has teamed up with everydayhero as their official fundraising platform. You can now run in any Rock ‘n’ Roll event and raise funds for Hope For The Warriors! Beginning March 1st, every race participant will be asked if they want to fundraise on behalf of their favorite cause during the race registration process. When you register and are asked to choose your charity, pick Hope For The Warriors® and you will automatically be given a Rock ‘n’ Roll everydayhero fundraising page!  

USA Track & Field (USATF):
Hope For The Warriors® is now a USATF Organization and if you are also a USATF member you can now run for Hope For The Warriors® as an organization! Furthermore, you can compete in the USATF championships. For more information please contact Steve Barto at

Run For The Warriors®:
Registration is now open for the following Run For The Warriors® events:
  • 10th Annual Jacksonville Run For The Warriors® Register
  • Inaugural Memorial Day Run For The Warriors® Register 
  • 6th Annual Big Apple Run For The Warriors® Register
  • 4th Annual New Bern Run For The Warriors® Register
  • 6th Annual Sunset Run For The Warriors® Register

For the complete list of races visit, check back frequently for more registration pages coming soon.

Representing the Team:

Be sure to shoot us an email with your race schedule and where you will be wearing your Team jersey. Each time you wear your jersey, you help our mission to restore self, family, and hope. Feel free to share photos and special stories too!

Important Links For Social Media:

Twitter When you tweet be sure to use #TeamH4W
MarineCorps Marathon Team Facebook Group

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