Monday, March 9, 2015

Running, a Mitzvah, and HOPE

Aiden (middle) with his friends at the Inaugural DMV Run For The Warriors

When twelve year old Aiden Dorf signed up for the 2014 DMV Run For The Warriors® he planned to do more than just show up and run a race. He decided that he would give back further to the military community.

Aiden, an avid and successful runner, first found Hope For The Warriors® as he was searching online for local races. Once he researched the organization more he liked the fact that Hope For The Warriors® focuses on restoring the entire military family and decided he wanted to help. Aiden knew his upcoming Bar Mitzvah would be the perfect opportunity to combine his passions of running and helping others.  

For those unfamiliar with Jewish culture, when a boy turns thirteen he becomes a Bar Mitzvah, or in Hebrew, “son of commandment,” which means he is now viewed as a man and responsible for his own faith. The religious ceremony and celebration that follow are called Bar Mitzvah as well. As part of the Bar Mitzvah, a boy completes a Mitzvah, or a good deed.  

For his Mitzvah, Aiden chose to create a fundraising team for the Inaugural DMV Run For The Warriors®. Aiden’s team consisted of around 20 members, which included his friends and family, and raised about $2,000 for Hope For The Warriors®! Aiden’s team was a huge part of the success of the Inaugural DMV Run For The Warriors®. His story shows how someone can use his or her passions to give back and make an impact at any age!

Aiden's Team at the Inaugural DMV Run For The Warriors

“I love that [Hope For The Warriors®] helps not only wounded and fallen veterans, like other organizations, but [Hope For The Warriors®] also helps their families,” said Aiden. “It was great to be a part of the inaugural race this past year and I can't wait to continue racing.”

Want to follow Aiden’s example and give back to service members and their families? Register for any Run For The Warriors® race; you can create or join a fundraising team or you can set-up your own individual fundraising page. For any questions contact:

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