Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Two Guitars: A Wish Granted

"The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself."
--Ludwig van Beethoven

For some, music is simply noise in the background; for others, music is an art form that brings them joy and even hope.  For one Marine, music, and specifically creating music, was therapeutic and life changing. This Marine spent several years dealing with multiple operations for a brain tumor and thyroid cancer, all while battling PTSD.  The one source of hope he found was through playing guitar, an instrument that a friend had taught him when stationed in Okinawa. 
His Wish to Hope For The Warriors® was a simple one—he simply wanted an electric guitar.  He has explained that the electric guitar was easier on his hands to play than his acoustic guitar.  He also shared with Hope For The Warriors® “Even when I have an insomnia-filled night or just lose interest in doing anything that I used to, it always seems to be something I can fall back on and know that by playing, regardless of my abilities, I have something that I can sit back and just use to pour the emotions out without turning to alcohol or more periods of rage and violence.”

Hope For The Warriors® was happy to grant this Wish and through a special connection, was able to take one more exciting step.  Always a champion for others, Zac Brown generously donated an autographed guitar to this young Veteran.  Knowing that the autographed guitar would better serve as a token of hope and appreciation, Hope For The Warriors® obtained another guitar from Gibson for the young musician to play. 

Thank you to Zac Brown and the Zac Brown Band, Gibson Guitars and to all of our generous donors who made granting this Wish possible. Learn more about A Warrior's Wish® Program

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