Thursday, June 27, 2013

Run Director Invites Families to Race

Mona and her family complete the Houston Marathon

(Letter to the Editor printed this week in the New Bern Sun Journal.)

As the Run For The Warriors® Director for Hope For The Warriors®, I have the privilege of traveling all over the country to host road races as a part of the Run For The Warriors® race series.  In July, I am delighted to bring the run to my own backyard. New Bern is a special place for my family. My husband and I have often chosen to spend his pre- and post- deployment leave in this charming Coastal Carolina town. We enjoy visiting this progressive town with a rich history.

Run For The Warriors® unites military and civilian community members, connecting and educating each on the importance of embracing their neighbors. The goal of each event is to establish a long term understanding and respect for the needs of local military families, and New Bern is a city that does just this.
July 4th is a perfect day to host a run that unites a community. Hope For The Warriors® is delighted to have the support of members of the community, of the Parks and Recreation department, and of local businesses in hosting this year’s 5K and Kid's Fun Run.

This year, I am especially excited about the New Bern Run For The Warriors® because my parents, two brothers, my sister, and a friend are flying in from all over the country to celebrate the 4th of July right here in New Bern. Everyone in my family is thrilled to start their holiday with a run to support our country’s heroes. I cannot think of a more patriotic, family-friendly event to kick off the day than the New Bern Run For The Warriors®.  I hope that your family joins my family that morning. 

I encourage the people of New Bern to come support the event either as participants, volunteers, or spectators. The runners will truly enjoy the crowd support.

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Mona and her family at a race in Texas
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