Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Testimonial: Mother of a Fallen Hero

Today's blog is from the mother of Fallen Marine, Sgt. Brandon Bury. Brandon is one of the service members that will be honored at the annual Kingwood Fallen Heroes Memorial Golf Tournament

"A mother’s worst nightmare confronted me on June 10, 2010, when two Marines came to my door. They gave my husband and me the dreaded news: “Your son has been killed in Afghanistan.” Our son, Sgt. Brandon Bury, was on his third deployment in a combat zone, and although we knew his mission put him in danger, we believed he would return home safely. We were in shock to learn that he would not."

"Soon after, one of my best friends came by, and asked, “What do you need?” At that point I didn’t know. She immediately called her daughter-in-law, Amber Johnson, a Critical Care Coordinator for Hope For The Warriors®. Within minutes, the phone was ringing, and Hope For The Warriors® came to my rescue."

"Our family situation offered logistical challenges. I live in Texas, Brandon’s wife and two young sons in California and my extended family is scattered across Ohio. Services were going to be held in California and Texas. Without hesitation, Hope For The Warriors® offered assistance with travel arrangements, sage advice and continued emotional support."

"I also had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the benefits that Hope For The Warriors® provides to injured veterans. The group hosted a weekend of fun in Tyler, TX, that concluded with a dinner tribute for their sacrifices. I will never forget seeing the faces of the proud young men and women as they strolled by our table. These individuals knew their sacrifices were appreciated by so many. Hope For The Warriors® understands the challenges, pride, and joy of being a military family, and it is committed to restoring a sense of self for wounded vets, fallen heroes and their families. Everyone I have met in the organization is honorable, passionate and committed about their mission."

"My son’s family and friends were so moved by the organization and its commitment to help others that they searched for a way to honor our heroes and donate to this fine organization. A Golf Tournament was organized in Kingwood, Texas, (www.kingwoodfallenheroes.com) by one of my son’s best friends, Scott Mitchell. Last year was the first annual tournament, and it raised $60,000 for a number of charities, including Hope For The Warriors®. The second annual tournament is scheduled for April 27, 2013. Organizers are hoping to shatter last year’s amount and donate the proceeds to this worthwhile organization."

Semper Fi,
Terri Bury, Mother of Sgt. Brandon Bury, USMC, KIA
Brandon (on the left) with high school friend.  Both enlisted in the Marine Corps.
Brandon's sons learn about their father, the hero


  1. Thank you for writing this. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Please take comfort in knowing he lived his life as a hero and should be honored everyday. I wish I could give you a big hug.
    Hope for the Warriors has been there for my family as well. I am Grateful everyday that my husband made it home alive but he has wounds from war that can never be healed. Hope for the Warriors stands by my Husband and our family.

  2. This is a wonderful program that helps families from coast to coast. I know. The author of this post is my big sister.

    If you'd like to help, too, the charities are listed here: