Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Focus

It started with a TV show. 
Memorial Day 2011, Wyatt Larkin, a teenager from Georgia, watched the golf channel with his father.  In honor of the day, the Golf Channel had two special guests on their programs—both combat wounded veterans who have worked with Hope For The Warriors®.  Wyatt watched the program and was immediately moved by their sacrifices.

Wyatt is an amazing golfer who began playing as soon as he learned to walk.  He is a member of the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) and is part of the Leadership Links program.  The Leadership Links program focuses on developing young men and women by teaching charitable giving skills and service-oriented practices at an early age.
After Memorial Day and through this program, Wyatt decided to focus his fundraising and service work on military families.  On his fundraising page, Wyatt explains why he has chosen Hope For The Warriors®:

“This charity supports the men and women of our Armed Forces, who risk their lives daily so we can enjoy our freedoms here at home. The organization provides specialized services for the minds and bodies of our returning soldiers, their families and the families of those who have fallen.”
Wyatt and his father meet one of the veterans

Wyatt and his father, Jason, have attended events with Hope For The Warriors®, played golf with wounded service members and represented the organization at the Warrior Open with George Bush.  He has had the honor of meeting both veterans that he first saw on the Golf Channel on Memorial Day.

In 2011, Wyatt received the Jerry Cole Sportsman Award for his sportsmanship and integrity.  To learn more, follow this link and click on the video.

The Family
In the video, a family friend is interviewed and shares this insight:

“It is really no surprise that Wyatt is receiving [this award] because he is a product of his environment, his family….it takes a family like the Larkins to get Wyatt to the place where he is now.”

The entire Larkin family has demonstrated a commitment to military families and to our organization.  They prove that you do not need to be in the military to respect the sacrifices made by the men and women in our armed forces.  The family also shows everyone how to use your hobbies or passions to help others. 

Now, Wyatt’s younger sister, Morgan, and mother, Jennifer, have joined in too.  This Saturday, they will hold a Turn & Burn and Head & Heel fundraiser with the Union County Saddle Club.  Through this event, they aim to raise funds for Hope For The Warriors® and raise awareness to the needs of military families.

“We could never repay the sacrifices of the true heroes of our country, but we are dedicated to showing them how thankful we are and how much we care about them and their families,” said Jennifer.

The event will also include a Warrior Ride which will include one of the veterans that was on the golf channel last year when Wyatt first discovered Hope For The Warriors®.

Thank you to the Larkin Family for their continued support and dedication to those that have served and sacrificed. 

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