Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hell and Back Again

Today, Hell and Back Again was nominated for an Oscar and Hope For The Warriors® congratulates Danfung Dennis, Mike Lerner, and their team for their remarkable portrayal of our combat wounded service members and their families. We applaud the efforts of Hell and Back Again and the awareness it continues to raise.

Hope For The Warriors® has been familiar with the Harrises for a few years – Nathan and Ashley are close to our “family.” In fact, Tina Atherall, our Executive VP, participated on the discussion panel for the film’s New York City premiere.

We’ve all walked out of the movie theater stunned and speechless. I have listened to combat stories, watched movies, and viewed pictures, but nothing compares to a genuine look at one Marine’s experiences abroad and home.

Through the lens of the director, I got a taste of Nathan Harris’ life. Hell and Back Again frames Nathan’s present day with images of his life in Afghanistan. These intermittent yet seamless flashbacks effortlessly depict PTSD and physical struggles.

Difficult to watch at times, Hell and Back Again intensely illustrates our service members' post-combat life. Furthermore, the film focuses on their wives’ new role as the caregiver. Nathan’s and Ashley’s relationship has changed. Tina’s input on the panel gave insight into the ongoing challenges faced by today’s military families. She drew attention to Ashley and to all military spouses for their “own bravery and heroism as the primary, full-time caregiver for returning service members.” This is all true. I am humbled constantly by our service members, their stories, their families. Hell and Back Again was no exception.

The documentary is now on sale and you can Donate 10% to Hope For The Warriors® when you purchase the documentary. At checkout, enter the code HFTW12 for a discount.

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